A Plan for a Safe Return


As of August 11, 2021, anyone in our facility MUST WEAR A MASK.

The First Presbyterian Church of Everett has updated its MASK GUIDELINES, in accordance with the Snohomish County requirement that everyone over 5 years old must wear a mask indoors REGARDLESS OF VACCINATION STATUS.

On Tuesday July 13, 2021, the Session of the First Presbyterian Church of Everett approved moving to Step 4 of our reopening plan.
We are excited and welcome this change for in-person worship at the First Presbyterian Church of Everett. We are reopening with attention to accessibility, sanitization, and hospitality. Our Facebook Live worship continues every Sunday at 10am.

Session has approved:
  1. To drop mask requirements for vaccinated individuals.
  2. To keep every other pew separation while allowing for singing.
  3. To remove the RSVP process.
  4. To welcome vaccinated members to sing in the choir.
  5. To encourage personal responsibility, flexibility, and graciousness as we keep growing in our value to worship our Lord and love our neighbor.

Those who are vaccinated do not need to wear a mask in our facility. We strongly encourage anyone not vaccinated or desiring extra precautions to wear a mask during worship and while in our building. Beginning Sunday July 18th, you can expect all doors to our facility to be open by 9:30am. Pews will be marked for seating to allow for space as we sing during worship. There will be an offering box in the sanctuary, but at this time, no formal passing of the peace, collection, or passing of items will be part of our worship. We encourage maintaining social distance, using of hand sanitizer, and flexibility as some in worship may need to or desire to wear a mask. We are reopening, but are taking time for committees and session to evaluate and develop processes before a full return of activities.