A Plan for a Safe Return

In-person Worship Resumes on Sunday April 25th

Registration is Required

If you plan to register online and feel that you would benefit from an instructional session, please view the video to the right or you can attend our final live Zoom sessions to walk you through the online registration process. The final Zoom session date is:

  • Monday, April 19th at 7:00pm

To join this Zoom meetings, use the the following link:
Meeting ID: 431 912 4902
Passcode: FPCE21!
One tap mobile
+12532158782,,4319124902#,,,,*8604204# US (Tacoma)

If you are unable to register online, please call our church office at 425-259-7139, to register by phone.

On Sunday, April 25th, the First Presbyterian Church of Everett will move from Step 1 to Step 2 of our reopening plan . This means that on Sunday, April 25th, the sanctuary will be open for up to 30 people to attend in-person worship including those leading worship. There will be an online RSVP/registration process for us to monitor numbers and keep a record for contact tracing purposes. All attendees will be asked to sign a Covenant of Care to be filed in the office.  A link to the Covenant of Care can be found below and we will have copies at the doors before worship. Anyone entering the building will be checked off the RSVP list or required to sign-in. We will accommodate persons who did not RSVP only if there is space available. Otherwise, those individuals will be put on the worship list for the upcoming week. Details regarding the RSVP/registration process will be released soon.

What to Expect for In-person Worship:

We will have a table in the back of the sanctuary with a one-use paper bulletin and a collection plate for offerings. Please use pre-marked seating in the pews. We ask for all to maintain a 6- foot social distance. Hand sanitizer will be readily available. During Step 2, all attending will follow these guidelines:

1. Everyone is required to wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth.
2. Seating is limited. We will leave three to five ‘spaces’ free in the RSVP process for walk up or visitor seating.
3. There will be no congregational singing of hymns. This is consistent with Washington State requirements.
4. There will be no choir. To be consistent with Washington State, we will use solos, duets, and quartets for worship.
5. There will be no touching during the passing of the peace.
6. We will not formally celebrate the Lord’s Supper.
7. Facility use is limited to the sanctuary only. There will be no in-person coffee time, Sunday school, children’s ministry, or nursery. All children are welcome and encouraged to sit/be with their family.
8. The main entrance for worship will be through the Rockefeller doors with mobility access through the south Bell Tower doors.
9. Doors will open at 9:30am and the building will close by 11:30am.
10.Virtual worship, our Zoom coffee time and Sunday school will continue as scheduled.

Please note, our numbers and our process will be flexible. We will prayerfully work to respect state, county, city, and Presbytery requirements and adjust for demand and safety. We will evaluate weekly and adjust. In time, we will proceed to Step 3.

 Here is an Overview of our Four-step Reopening Plan:
  • Step 1 – No In-Person Worship (This is where we are presently. This step began after Sunday March 15th .) 
  • Step 2 – Studio Audience (Beginning April 25, 2021) 
  • Step 3 – Limited Seating  (Start date not yet scheduled)
  • Step 4 – Open Seating  (Start date not yet scheduled)

Below, you find links to three important documents regarding our reopening plan. Please take the time to thoroughly and thoughtfully read these documents:

  1. A letter from Pastor Alan, regarding entering Step 2 of reopening plan. (March 2021)
  2. The updates and detailed reopening plan. (March 2021)
  3. The Covenant of Care.

Our reopening plan is written out of love for our church family, our neighbor in the pew, and a call to discipleship. We have an opportunity to demonstrate selfless love to our brothers and sisters in Christ. While we might not agree 100% with some of the things in this reopening plan, we will defer to it because our plan creates a place where people can feel safe to come and gather for worship.

Please be mindful, if you are uncomfortable being in public gatherings during this time, then please feel free to remain at home and come when you feel it is safe for you to do so. We are maintaining our commitment to livestreaming and virtual worship services for all. 

Important Reopening Documents

There are three important reopening plan documents that we are asking you to thoroughly and thoughtfully review. These documents detail the reopening plan and outlines the requirements for each step of in-person worship. Please click the buttons below to open the corresponding document.

Step 2 - Studio Audience

Our sanctuary for in-person worship will reopen to a studio audience on Sunday, April 25, 2021. The specific details of Step 2 are outlined in the reopening plan. In preparation for moving to this step, we've created a short video to highlight the requirements for participating in this phase of in-person worship.