Estuary Angels

Estuary Angels is dedicated to reducing impacts to & restoring the Puget Sound estuary. Congregation members and others are always welcome to participate as part of the group or attend any events. Estuary Angels meets the 3rd Monday of the month from 7:00pm - 8:30pm in the library.

The range of efforts to accomplish our objective is broad. It includes such things as habitat restoration anywhere possible in the watershed; reducing use of carbon, toxics, & materials that harm the estuary and its wildlife; attempting to change practices of the congregation as a group & individually to increase efficiency and reduce waste through conservation, reuse, & recycling; participating in & promoting community events that accomplish estuary improvement.

Specific examples of our efforts are sponsoring Earth Sunday each year with special classes promoting care of creation; widespread use of LED lighting in church; improving efficiency in our capital improvement projects; increasing composting & recycling of paper, cans, plastics and other materials in church operations; port & jetty island cleanup annually; working with other organizations to control invasives such as Spartina & Scotch Broom; reducing use of toxic cleaning products; church vegetable gardens & promoting local food; informational DVD’s, handouts, & planning at monthly meetings (see church monthly event schedule).

Please feel free to attend any meetings or events!!

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