FPC Everett Board of Deacons

Deacons meet on the fourth Tuesday at 7:00pm in the Library.


Class of 2017              Class of 2018              Class of 2019

Howard Garner           Ken Bosman               Sam Capetillo

Rosemary Cassidy      Donna Bosman           Rose Capetillo

Our Deacons are committed Christians who care for their church, their community, and those in need. The principal focus of Deacons has always been, and continues to be, ministering to the home-bound and those experiencing a difficualt time in their lives. In addition, your Deacons pay special attention to those who are absent from worship over a period of weeks and make a contact to see if their is a need that can be met by the Deacons or a member of our church community. Our Deacons respond compassionately and thoughtfully in our church and local community from providing treats at fellowship time after Sunday services (special thanks to Karl’s Bakery). They provide Thanksgiving baskets to scores of needy families, while throughout the year they provide for families of newborns and those that have lost a loved one or are in dire need.