Christian Formation and Discipleship


Christian Formation and Discipleship (CFD) is a ministry of the First Presbyterian Church of Everett. The purpose of CFD is to encourage and facilitate our congregation’s transformation into the image of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, so that we may be liberated to testify in words and deeds to the Mission and Reign of God in the world. I am in agony until Christ is formed in you (Apostle Paul: Gal. 4:9)

We have developed three sets of strategic principles of Christian Formation through which we seek God’s power to establish, sustain, and renew our faithful identity as God’s people:


Evangelical Principles

CHURCH PRINCIPLE: We don’t go to church; we are the church!

MISSION PRINCIPLE: We don’t have a mission program; we are a people in mission! (i.e. We don’t exist for ourselves but for the world God loves!)


Embodiment Principles

STORY PRINCIPLE: We order our life together according to God’s Story (Church year and Lectionary)!

SPECIAL EVENTS PRINCIPLE: We celebrate our unique identity together in seven annual inter-generational events (Advent Event→Christmas, Ash Wednesday→Lent, Holy Week, Pentecost Event, Vacation Bible School, All Church Retreat, Mission-Tide Series)!

CORE PRACTICES PRINCIPLE: Congregational life consists of six interdependent core practices (worship, listening, learning, fellowship, service and advocacy) that together express our collective redeemed humanity!


Empowerment Principles

REFORMED PRINCIPLE: We are a work in progress (the church reformed and always being reformed by the Word of God), called to life-long repentance!

HOLY SPIRIT PRINCIPLE: We seek empowerment by the Holy Spirit, learning to trust the “logic of the Spirit” (affirmation, crucifixion, transformation) in all we think, feel, and do!


Reel World Cinema XXXIV (Winter 2017)

The Hidden Orders of Intelligibility:

New Possibilities for Science-Faith Dialogue?

This movie series focuses on some of the most significant scientists of the modern world whose theories concerning the hidden orders of intelligibility in nature open up new possibilities for science-faith dialogue. Each movie portrays significant events in the lives of important scientists—Charles Darwin, Marie and Pierre Curie, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, and Srinivasa Ramanjuan—that have theological implications. The series ends with a documentary on the recent search for the “God particle.”


Potluck Meal at 6:00pm

Movie at 7:00pm

in Calvin Lounge

Discussion following the movie.

PARISH the Thought

By Dr. Dana Wright

Director  of CFD

September 2016

October 2016

November 2016

December 2016




W.A.T.CH. (WeAreTheCHurch) helps young people learn the language, meaning, and order of worship in the Presbyterian Church. Young people are dismissed from the adult service after the Passing of the Peace to meet together for continuing worship.


LEARNING JESUS FROM MATTHEW'S GOSPEL. Beginning on January 8 children Kindergarten to 4th grade will embark on a study of Matthew's Gospel, using imaginative means to help children interpret Scripture so as to "learn Jesus." Classes will meet from 11:20-12:30 (location TBA).




DISCIPLESHIP IN THE SCHOOL OF MATTHEW.  On Wednesday evenings beginning January 4 adults will have an opportunity to engage important passages of Matthew's Gospel as a means to renew discipleship according to Matthew's vision. Classes will meet on Wed. evenings, 7:00-8:30 in Calvin Lounge.  


COFFEE WITH PAUL. Our ongoing engagement with Paul's epistles continues in the new year. We meet on Tuesday mornings, 10:30-11:45 before LUNCH WITH ALAN to mine Paul's understanding of the Gospel's relevance life in the community of faith. Look for a possible change of venue!


Come dialogue with co-faith travelers about your faith and science during our winter adult series.  There will be no technical stuff to confuse you, only your voice, your level, your reality for living with modern science and your modern faith.  Bring questions, experience, knowledge, curiosity.  The schedule is below and is subject to change if our conversations deem it necessary.  Jim Kutz will lead the sessions.  Pick up a copy of The Heretic by Andrew Ferguson from the Welcome Booth or Jim Kutz.

Science and Faith as Partners-in-Awe; Finding our Wholeness in Both

Jan. 8 – Getting Oriented

Our cosmic and human history. Becoming comfortable with terms and definitions

Jan. 15 – Creation vs. Evolution? Interpretations of our reality from Bible and Biology

The Heretic by Andrew Ferguson – Mar. 25, 2013 The Weekly Standard

Jan. 22 – Ancient and Modern Understandings of Belief

The invention of religion and science. The mess the Reformation left us in

Jan. 29 – Why Is There Life on Earth? The Big Bang and Anthropic Principle

Is there intelligent life other than on earth? Is God incarnate in Jesus significant for the whole cosmos?

Feb. 5 – Evil and Death

The Bible’s and science’s take on creation/cosmos gone bad. Why is individual and cosmic death inevitable?

Feb. 12 – Do We Really Have a Soul?

The strangeness of physical and spiritual reality. Greek, Gnostic and modern ideas for getting rid of our bothersome bodies. Modern ideas for getting rid of our souls

Feb. 19 – From Where Comes Life’s Meaning?

Finding meaning in a nihilistic universe and human extinction

Feb. 26 – Human Extinction and God’s New Creation

What can we hope for?  Is “going to heaven” really the goal of our faith? How then do we live in this kind of world?