Christian Formation and Discipleship


Christian Formation and Discipleship (CFD) is a ministry of the First Presbyterian Church of Everett. The purpose of CFD is to encourage and facilitate our congregation’s transformation into the image of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, so that we may be liberated to testify in words and deeds to the Mission and Reign of God in the world. I am in agony until Christ is formed in you (Apostle Paul: Gal. 4:9)

We have developed three sets of strategic principles of Christian Formation through which we seek God’s power to establish, sustain, and renew our faithful identity as God’s people:


Evangelical Principles

CHURCH PRINCIPLE: We don’t go to church; we are the church!

MISSION PRINCIPLE: We don’t have a mission program; we are a people in mission! (i.e. We don’t exist for ourselves but for the world God loves!)


Embodiment Principles

STORY PRINCIPLE: We order our life together according to God’s Story (Church year and Lectionary)!

SPECIAL EVENTS PRINCIPLE: We celebrate our unique identity together in seven annual inter-generational events (Advent Event→Christmas, Ash Wednesday→Lent, Holy Week, Pentecost Event, Vacation Bible School, All Church Retreat, Mission-Tide Series)!

CORE PRACTICES PRINCIPLE: Congregational life consists of six interdependent core practices (worship, listening, learning, fellowship, service and advocacy) that together express our collective redeemed humanity!


Empowerment Principles

REFORMED PRINCIPLE: We are a work in progress (the church reformed and always being reformed by the Word of God), called to life-long repentance!

HOLY SPIRIT PRINCIPLE: We seek empowerment by the Holy Spirit, learning to trust the “logic of the Spirit” (affirmation, crucifixion, transformation) in all we think, feel, and do!


Reel World Cinema XXXVIII (Winter, 2017)

“Memorable Women Surviving against the Grain”

This series brings together an assortment of award winning films united by a common theme: strong but flawed women inhabiting harsh worlds in which they use every resource on hand to make their way against the grain. Each movie portrays memorable stories of memorable women played by memorable actresses—Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Crawford, Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Ann Baxter, Ellen Burstyn, and Michelle Williams.

 Potluck Meal at 6:00pm

Movie at 7:00pm

in Calvin Lounge

Discussion following the movie.

PARISH the Thought

By Dr. Dana Wright

Director  of CFD

February 2018

March 2018

April 2018

May 2018


Lenten Series 2018: Just Eating

Feb. 14, 21, 28; Mar. 7, 14, 21

First Presbyterian Church, Everett, WA

Description: This Lenten Season we are calling the congregation to embrace the most ordinary act of human creaturehood—eating together—as a multi-faceted and prophetic practice of justice. We will explore together six dimensions of “just eating” that remake it as a true act of discipleship: eating as an act of worship (communion), an act of embodied prayer, an act of solidarity with the hungry, an act of environmental stewardship, an act of radical hospitality, and an act of hope. “Just Eating” is an important way the church witnesses to Jesus Christ in an idolatrous, profane, greedy, irresponsible, divisive, and cynical world.


Feb. 14. Just Eating as a Sacramental Act of Worship. Just eating is just when it is understood to be grounded in the sanctification of all material reality revealed in Jesus Christ. The Presbyterian Book of Order proclaims—

In Jesus Christ, God entered fully into the human condition in an act of self-revelation, redemption, and forgiveness. Entering the brokenness of the world, God in Jesus Christ atoned for sin and restored human life. By so entering the created world God brought time and space, matter and human life, to fulfillment as instruments for knowing and praising their Creator (Book of Order—W-1.002c)

Pastor Alan will lead this session, which includes a worship service during which communion will be served and the imposition of ashes offered as a sign of repentance.

Feb. 21: Just Eating as an Embodied Act of Prayer. Just eating is just when we acknowledge that our bodies are the means through which we connect to God’s creation, to one another, and manifest God’s redemptive and re-creative purposes in the world. Therefore we take care of our bodies by just eating well. “Give us this day our daily bread” lies at the center of the Lord’s Prayer. Gabe Hanson, Rebecca Ng, Jake Nolte, Erin Lorio and others from the young adult group will lead this session.

Feb. 28: Just Eating as an Act of Solidarity with the Hungry. Just eating is just eating when we remember those around us near and far who do not have enough to eat and whose resources are being taken away from them through massive inequalities of distributive justice and systematic dis-placement of peoples and cultures from sustainable lands through war and politics. Just eating is a call to advocacy in the world on behalf of all victims of greed and power who are denied “daily bread.” The Mission Committee and Dinner at the Bell will lead this session.

Mar. 7. Just Eating as an Act of Environmental Stewardship. Just eating is just eating when we remember and practice good stewardship on behalf of the sustainable powers of the earth—air, water, and land—in order to support the flourishing of all people, animals, vegetation, and land. We watch not only what we eat but notice from where our food comes and how it was developed and transported to our tables. The Estuary Angels will lead this session.

Mar. 14. Just Eating as an Act of Radical Hospitality. Just eating is just eating when we systematically extend the grace of God to all others around us, especially the poor, the marginalized, the alienated, and the disenfranchised. Just eating is just when and only when our table fellowship is open and hospitable for all.  Monica Meadows will lead this session, which will focus on our relationship to Muslims living among us.

Mar. 21. Just Eating as an Act of Hope. Just eating is just eating when we live into God’s future in which all reality flourishes in the will of God and everyone and everything finds its proper home and fulfillment in the praise of our Creator. Just eating is an act of worship and hope in God’s good and sure intentions for creation. Dana Wright and our young people from the Third Sunday Challenge will lead this session.


March 18: I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6)

April 15: EARTH CARE SERIES: BIRDS, BEES, AND BUTTERFLIES: “The March of the Penguins” (John 13:1-20)

May 20: PENTECOST: I AM the True Vine (John 15:1)

June 17: CFD Sunday: Reflections: What have we learned this year?

July 15: The History and Community of Campbell Farms

Aug. 18: Preparation for Mission to Campbell Farms