Flowers Wanted:

Volunteers are needed to provide flowers for our sanctuary. A signup calendar for 2017, will be posted in Westminster Hall on January 8th. Please feel free to sign up for as many dates as you’d like. Providing flowers can be a wonderful way to honor a loved one, celebrate a birthday or an anniversary or to just help beautify our sanctuary. If you have any questions, please see Marsha Lueth. Thank you for volunteering.

WATCH (We Are The Church)

The PEEP-le of God Have Spoken. Prior to Easter our children will be working on their “peep diorama” interpretations of passages from the Gospel of Matthew. They will be reading and creating interpretations of important parables of Jesus and some of the important events in the life of Jesus recorded in Matthew.



Fish Stories: Following Easter our children will be engaging in our annual Earth Care Series. This year’s theme is “Fish Stories,” during which we will be looking at how the sea life of our oceans requires constant support from human stewards of the earth.


This year our annual Earth Care Series focuses attention on the issue of stewardship of sea life in our threatened oceans. The series is called “Fish Stories” and will include learning events on Sunday morning, Wednesday evening,

and the Friday night Reel World Cinema Series.

Look for details.

Are you or someone you know graduating this year?

Tell us about it!

We would like to congratulate all graduates in the June edition of The Carillon.

Please click HERE to download and fill out a form  to provide graduate information.

Please return to the communications office by May 14, 2017 for inclusion in The Carillon.