Coffee With Paul; Lunch With Alan

Join us for a week-day Bible study on the writings of the Apostle Paul prior to our weekly gathering for lunch with Pastor Alan. This study will focus on Paul's Epistle to the Philippians in the Fall, his letter to the Gala-tians in the Winter, and end with Colossians in the Spring. The care-ful study of Paul's missionary texts begins at 10:30am and ends at 11:50am in Calvin Lounge. Lunch with Alan follows at 12:00 Noon in Westminster Hall.

Adult Sunday School - Winter 2017

Come dialogue with co-faith travelers about your faith and science during our winter adult series.  There will be no technical stuff to confuse you, only your voice, your level, your reality for living with modern science and your modern faith.  Bring questions, experience, knowledge, curiosity.  The schedule is below and is subject to change if our conversations deem it necessary.  Jim Kutz will lead the sessions.  Pick up a copy of The Heretic by Andrew Ferguson from the Welcome Booth or Jim Kutz.

Science and Faith as Partners-in-Awe; Finding our Wholeness in Both

Jan. 8 – Getting Oriented

Our cosmic and human history. Becoming comfortable with terms and definitions

Jan. 15 – Creation vs. Evolution? Interpretations of our reality from Bible and Biology

The Heretic by Andrew Ferguson – Mar. 25, 2013 The Weekly Standard

Jan. 22 – Ancient and Modern Understandings of Belief

The invention of religion and science. The mess the Reformation left us in

Jan. 29 – Why Is There Life on Earth? The Big Bang and Anthropic Principle

Is there intelligent life other than on earth? Is God incarnate in Jesus significant for the whole cosmos?

Feb. 5 – Evil and Death

The Bible’s and science’s take on creation/cosmos gone bad. Why is individual and cosmic death inevitable?

Feb. 12 – Do We Really Have a Soul?

The strangeness of physical and spiritual reality. Greek, Gnostic and modern ideas for getting rid of our bothersome bodies. Modern ideas for getting rid of our souls

Feb. 19 – From Where Comes Life’s Meaning?

Finding meaning in a nihilistic universe and human extinction

Feb. 26 – Human Extinction and God’s New Creation

What can we hope for?  Is “going to heaven” really the goal of our faith? How then do we live in this kind of world?

Flowers Wanted:

Volunteers are needed to provide flowers for our sanctuary. A signup calendar for 2017, will be posted in Westminster Hall on January 8th. Please feel free to sign up for as many dates as you’d like. Providing flowers can be a wonderful way to honor a loved one, celebrate a birthday or an anniversary or to just help beautify our sanctuary. If you have any questions, please see Marsha Lueth. Thank you for volunteering.

Priscilla Circle will meet on Monday, February 13th at 11:30am. Fern Tullly will lead the lesson, Sheila Walsh's "The Longing in Me, A Study in the Life of David".  Marilyn Larsen will serve as hostess.

All women are welcome to attend.

Bring a sack lunch if you wish.


Our children continue their study of the Gospel of Matthew under the theme: "PROJECT 'GO MAKE DISCIPLES.'" They are learning the Gospel of Matthew so they can take its life-giving message to the Planet Xenon in a few weeks. Each week an official from the planet Xenon sends messages to our kids with questions about the meaning of the stories of Matthew's Gospel. And our kids translate the question and then study Matthew in order to answer their alien friends. By learning what it means for the aliens, they learn what it means for their own faith.